Hey everyone, this organization was created by a few Marine Corps vets who are tired of treasonous policies being pushed on the American people for decades. We have since added brothers from mostly all branches. We hope to add some common sense in support of our Constitutional rights as outlined in The Constitution of the United States of America.
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Why be pro-life? I mean, do you know what hyperemesis gravidarum, pre-eclampsia, and ectopic pregnancies are? Do you know how physically hellish pregnancy can be for a woman? Do you know all of the different ways that pregnancy can cause mental and emotional distress to a woman? Do you know how emotionally scarring it can be to give a child up for adoption? Or do you just not care about any of that, which proves that your views on this issue are incredibly hateful?

Why be pro choice and allow perfectly healthy babies to be killed out of convenience. Your argument is better suited for a compromise on abortion that allows for it in instances of non viability. I’m sorry that a mother goes through and emotional time after an adoption but isn’t it better that the mother have some emotional pain rather than the child never get a chance at life because of a immature decision. Don’t pretend to know why I am pro life. Your entire argument has more to do with extreme cases and in no way did you at anytime during your incoherent rant express any respect for the life of the baby that you are advocating be killed out of convenience to the mother. And you advocate killing viable babies because the mother may be stressed during pregnancy and call me hateful. Next time you want to insult someone make sure you aren’t talking to the parent of three children and show some respect for the perfection that is human life.

Will You Stand Firm

McConnell and Reid are not negotiating, they are the same person. This is all a show. There are no republicans or democrats anymore. John McCain, John Cornyn, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer are all the same party. They care about polls, elections, and campaigns. John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi are the same person, the speakers gavel may change hands but the path forward remains bad for the nation. Barack Obama and George Bush are the same person, they claim R and D, Conservative and Liberal, or Right and Left but the policies stay the same. The debt continues, the spending continues, the wars continue, the entitlements balloon, the corporations get the breaks while the people get the shaft. Say what you want about Ted Cruz Mike Lee and Rand Paul, but in the face of polls that show they are taking the largest hit in the history of these so called polls, they are standing firm. They don’t bend to the will of the Wall Street Journal, or Gallup, or MSNBC, or Fox News. They refuse to allow the so called “Party Leaders” to kick the can down the road and call it compromise they refuse to say that the way its been done the last 13 years is the only way to do it. They refuse to say that they must fall in line with McCain and Graham and ignore those that sent them to Washington. They stand for those that stand with them and they stand for something that is sorely lacking in Washington, whether you agree with them or not, they stand on a principle, they stand on a belief, they stand on a set of morals that say they will not say one thing at home and another behind closed doors in the Senate Chambers. Their counterparts in the House stand behind those same principles and morals and we should be in awe of the fortitude that a few men and women show in the face of a political machine that is so corrupt and so broken that it has systematically destroyed this nation. But these few stand firm. A system so corrupt that once good men, once proud veterans, once tall figures, have been reduced to power craving graveling cowards that cannot stand for whats right for fear of losing grip on their power. But these few stand firm. In the face of a media machine that has lost sight of their constitutional obligation to inform the people and has lost sight of the truth to the point that it may never again find it, and uses the mass power it wields to misinform while perpetuating the idea of a left vs right. These few stand firm. So as we enter the eve of yet another crises, yet another time we are told to fear, yet another time we are told will usher in untold pain lest we fall in line, will you once again fold and take your place in line, or will you stand firm and take your place in history?